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What a horrible night indeed...

Dracula is back and you, dear player, have to once again step into shadows of the hell house to rid the world of his deadly curse.

Fight your way through Draculas castle, battling bats, ghouls, ghosts and clunky controls (mostly bats though) for the final confrontation with the undead vampire Dracula. All while listening to the music of The Drats.

Horrible Night is a short music video platformer inspired by the NES Castlevanias and Ghost and Goblins.  Made to make you listen to the music.

Works in 1080p on most modern PCs.


The use of a controller is preferred but if you have nimble hands, you can play using WASD or ARROW KEYS to move, M to whip, N to use weapon and SPACE to jump and select.

The Drats :

Jan Flygare - Bass guitar, song

Joakim Linghall - Guitarr, song

Kenneth Lasu - Guitarr

Anders Hallergren - Percussion

Produced by Bortbyting AB. Developed by Musikvideo North with support from BD Pop, Filmpool Nord AB & Region Norrbotten.



Horrible_Night_release.zip 322 MB

Development log


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Looks good i'm downloading it

Great stuff! Keep up the amazing work

Thanks for playing!

Your colour use is spectacular! Love the soundtrack too!

Show post...


Hey. Thanks for playing!

I see there is a bug that starts to play the next voiceover in the beginning. Probaly because of some lag. I will try to fix it.

Despite being a Horrible Night, I had a rad time playing through this. The hints of nostalgic gameplay paired well with the jams and really seems like something with potential.

Good job devs and musicians alike.

this is actually super cool